Malawi Diaspora Website Objectives

  • Recognize and celebrate the contributions of all Malawians abroad especially our annual remittances.
  • To encourage strategic public and private business partnership between government and the diaspora business community
  • Foster diaspora socio-economic relationships that will lead to a synergy of business ideas between the business community back home and abroad.
  • Attract diaspora entrepreneurs and investments that can lead to job creation and economic growth in Malawi thereby creating a new middle class and new markets.
  • Encourage philanthropic work by cultivating diaspora giving back of our ideas, training, expertise and time as way to inspire the young and upcoming generation.
  • Allow the use of social media through innovative technologies to build new relationships that traverse borders via social networking.
  • Encourage diaspora tourism by opening up Malawi’s tourism potential to our diaspora communities by marketing Malawi as the leading tourist destination.
  • Create a fora were the Malawin Diaspora on various continents can meet and greet in one place while building new social, business, economic and cultural linkages!





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