The website is as a  result of a need to Linking the Malawian Diaspora to the Development of Malawi”. The idea is intended to contribute to the efforts of the Government of Malawi to mobilize the country’s diaspora toward its socio-economic development through dialogue and subsequent developmental engagements in Malawi

What’s Going On – 12/2

AUTUMN IN AMERICAThe Georgia jury on the Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery’s death did not disappoint America when it delivered a guilty verdict for three white men. The jury proved that liberty and justice for all is possible in America in a red state as the nation agonizingly struggles to attain a more perfect union. Joe (more…)

Building a Disability-Friendly Workplace: Why Includability Matters

Asia-Pacific, Civil Society, Headlines, Health, Labour Opinion An includable leader knows that not everyone comes from the same space with the same privileges. They are aware of systemic barriers that dictate interactions between people of different genders, classes, or abilities, according to the author. Credit: United Nations BENGALURU, India, Dec 2 2021 (IPS) – In (more…)