General Information

The Embassy is headed by the Ambassador who is a representative of the president of the Republic of Malawi. Together with other diplomatic members of staff, the Ambassador conducts official business of the Government of the Malawi in the United States of America. The main duties and services of the Embassy are as follows:

  • To facilitate and coordinate economic activities relating to trade, investment and tourism in the United States, and other accredited countries which are;the Bahamas, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Mexico & Puerto Rico.
  • To facilitate the mobilization of aid and technical assistance from the United States of America and all the Embassy’s accredited countries.
  • To issue passports or other travel documents to Malawian nationals as well as to foreign nationals wishing to visit or reside in Malawi.
  • To meet with nationals on matters affecting their social well-being. Make regular visits to communities where nationals reside to listen to their concerns and address these needs where possible.
  • To assist nationals who have been arrested or incarcerated and make notification as required.
  • To notarize/authenticate legal documents for Malawian nationals and companies doing business in Malawi.

Malawi Embassy
2408 Massachusetts Avenue, NW,
Washington DC, 20008

TEL:: 202-721-0270
FAX: 202-721-0288

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