The High Commission is accredited not only to The United Kingdom but also to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. It also covers international organisations based in the United Kingdom and the other countries of accreditation. The role of the mission is, therefore, to strengthen Malawi’s bilateral and multilateral relations with the countries and international organisations which it covers. In this respect, it promotes trade, investment, tourism, development assistance and humanitarian support. It also provides consular services to Malawians and to foreign nationals. One function which has become increasingly important is engagement with the diaspora and charities. Some of the mission’s work is supported by Malawi’s Honorary Consuls, especially in the countries to which it is accredited on a non-residential basis.

Against this background, you will find, on this website, a wide range of information on Malawi, its trade and investment prospects, its tourism and travel, visa and other consular services and its engagement with the Malawi diaspora and charities. There is also information regarding relations between Malawi and The United Kingdom, the other countries of accreditation and the international organisations which the mission covers. The site further provides links to websites of some public and private organisations in Malawi.

All Malawian citizens and permanent residents in The United Kingdom and other countries of accreditation are encouraged to register with the High Commission. This can be done by completing the Registration Form available on this website, either on-line or physically.


TEL: +44(0) 20 7421 6010 | FAX: +44(0) 20 7831 9273

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