African Podcasts

With the continued rise of reliable internet, free audio programmes, popularly known as podcasts, are making a buzz on the continent.

Here are few podcasts we really think you should check out.

Chicken and Jollof Rice

African Podcasts

Get a bunch of first generation African Americans who hold both black, African, and American experiences, get them to talk about all important social issues ( like Beyonce’s album and American cop killings) then you have the Chicken and Jollof Rice show. The podcast takes “both humorous and serious slants on a bevy of topics. With the continual global experiences by many Africans, the podcast is surely a good base to get different outtakes into the global African experience.

Africa Tech Round-Up

African Podcasts

Produced in Johannesburg, South Africa,  African Tech Round-Up covers technological innovation on the continent. With a rapidly growing fan base, the podcasts which is hosted by Andile Masuku, could best be described as a mix of cool, geeky and informative. With diverse content from “Medical Drones in Rwanda” to the war between“ Uber and taxi drivers.” If you are too lazy to avoid keeping many tech tabs open in your browser, Africa Tech Round-Up is a good podcast to keep you abreast of the different innovations on the continent.

Talking heads

African Podcasts

Talking Heads podcasts aim to give a fresh approach to identify, showcase and create opportunities for African thought leaders. The show profiles some of the extraordinary Africans making a meaningful and affirmative contribution to their communities, cities, countries, the continent and the world. These individuals are also profiled through a series of short videos that highlight the African Innovations that have the potential to solve the challenges of our continent, and are already doing so. Surely a great listen if you are all about Africa’s bright future.

Loose Talk

African Podcasts

Loose Talk is a podcast hosted by three influential Nigerian arts journalists, Osagie Alonge, Steve Dede and Ayomide Tayo. In the podcast, they discuss trending topics happening all around the world; Media, Celebrities, Lifestyle, Sex, Sports, Politics, Tech, Religion, Movies, TV, Radio, Music and much more. A good show if you are between a connoisseur and critic of African pop culture.

Afropop worldwide

African Podcasts

Afropop Worldwide is an award-winning podcast dedicated to music from Africa and the African diaspora. Hosted by one of Africa’s best-loved broadcast personalities, Georges Collinet, the show is for both the curious and the connoisseur, and takes listeners to dynamic music capitals such as Dakar, Senegal; Johannesburg, South Africa; Cairo, Egypt; Havana, Cuba; Salvador de Bahia, Brazil; New York and Paris. Listeners meet the leading stars as well as emerging artists. Live concert recordings of world-class artists such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Cesaria Evora, Gilberto Gil, Baaba Maal, Kanda Bongo Man and others are also featured on the podcast. The podcasts vision is to increase the profile of African and African diaspora music worldwide. If you are looking to go on the biggest African music journey you have ever embarked on, Afropop Worldwide is a great place to start.

Bad Missionary podcast

African Podcasts

Gret Glyer grew up as a privileged, suburban, private-school kid in America.

Prince Inglis grew up in a rural Malawian village living on a dollar a day. They both now live in Lilongwe, Malawi and do development work together. Every week they answer your questions about life in Africa and talk about the biggest news story from both the U.S. and Malawi! An insightful and helpful show especially if you are into development work on the continent.

The  Africa Show ( formerly my African Passport)

African Podcasts

The Travel Africa Show is a weekly show on the award-winning Colourful Radio ( The show is produced and created by My African Passport. The show offers insights, ideas and inspiration to travel Africa every Saturday from 4pm GMT.

The hosts, Lyande Kaikai and Yolisa Segone, both have a passion for African travel, food and music. The vibrant duo share travel experiences with an aim to encourage travel to Africa. If you are interested in the people and sights this continent has to offer, The Travel Africa show can be your weekly guide.

Sound Africa

African Podcasts

Sound Africa aims to be a space for narratives that capture the dizzying complexity of the world’s second most populous continent. Trying to avoid the one dimensional coverage of the continent, Sound Africa aims to amplify the important yet ignored voices from all over the continent. “We want to help fill the gap by telling the types of stories that rarely make it onto the network news, from quirky and obscure to hard-hitting and thought-provoking. We’re not talking about glossy postcard portrayals of the continent. We’re talking about stories that capture the intricacies and multiple sides of life and society,” says the show’s editor, Rasmus Bitsch.

Knowledge Bandits

African Podcasts

The Knowledge Bandits podcast is a show that aims to interview successful and innovative entrepreneurs working in Africa. According to Arum Galadima, who produces and hosts the show, “the Knowledge Bandits philosophy is that with the right mentorship, advice, work ethic and motivation anyone can achieve a certain level of greatness. Knowledge Bandits wants to figure out what makes these entrepreneurs tick and model a blueprint of their success to show the world that entrepreneurship in Africa is alive and kicking.” If you are looking for some entrepreneurial inspiration, Knowledge Bandits is exactly what you need.


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