By Dr. Adrienne T. Hunter, DHA MS

I am an African-American scientist (of Sierra Leonean descent) who currently lives in Rwanda where I am currently an expat abroad with my family. I wish to share that I have just published my first book (already a Best-Seller) – a story about my global experiences in 12+ selected countries as a woman of color and scientist, having dealt with racial and disability discrimination as a U.S. federal employee/former Diplomat, my struggles being disabled in Africa (I have multiple sclerosis with 27 brain lesions and several on my spine), overcoming an attempted suicide, and other lessons-learned from my life and career globally. My story also shares how I had to break free from my strict religious upbringing and find my own spiritual and cultural freedom. My work has taken me to Malawi and Liberia as well as other countries around the world.

I have been empowering women and girls around the globe for most of my life and would like to ask if there is any interest in my book or an interview. I wish for my African brothers and sisters to keep striving no matter any limitations that may come their way. I am humbled to be here in Africa and the hospitality shown has really positively impacted my health and spirit. I am always happy to share the beauty of the continent and that we can overcome any obstacles in life. I am also the CEO/Founder of Cultivatics, Inc. – a digital health consulting firm. Thank you for any consideration and opportunity to share with your audience via interview or print.

Dr. Adrienne T. Hunter, DHA MS

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