I have heard the word “gaffe” used more in the last 2 months than in the previous 40 years of my life. If you want to better understand how the media controls our perspective, Google the word “gaffe.” You will see several pictures of Joe Biden. Now, Google the word “liar.” You will see several pictures of Donald Trump.

One politician misrepresents a story and he is called a stone cold liar, while the other politician misrepresents a story and it’s brushed off as a gaffe.

Come on America, we can’t be this shallow.

While Google proudly displays dozens of pages of stories and posts categorizing President Trump as the “Liar in Chief,” it should be very alarming to all Americans that they allow such one sided stories to make it into the media. In the last couple of weeks, Joe Biden has lied during a heartfelt story of him pinning a Silver Star on a Navy hero, even emphasizing his false statement on, “My word as a Biden.” He literally took pieces from several serious moments and combined them in order to win political points and tap into the emotions of potential voters. Sick in my opinion.

To make matters worse, on multiple occasions Joe Biden has falsely stated that he was the Vice President when he met with the kids of Parkland following the horrible school shooting. Ok, he’s making a habit of blending stories and timelines to tap into the hearts of voters.

As a Parkland Resident, I would like to agree with the liberal media and call this mix up a “gaffe.” I just cannot deny the reality that Mr. Biden told this story on more than one occasion and continued to use it as a way to get political points following the recent horrific mass shootings across America. If this had been President Trump, the media would have made him out as nothing less than Satan.

Joe’s word as a Biden unfortunately flip-flops with the weather as he continued to show that he values votes over morality. After years of showing strong Christian values when it comes to opposing our government funding of abortions, his truth has again changed in an effort for votes within his farther left leaning Democratic Party.

The scariest part of all of this is the fact that former VP Joe Biden has been given a “gaffe” pass for supporting and establishing some of the most oppressive legislation in U.S. history: segregation and mass incarceration.

Joe Biden’s history of segregation includes supporting a measure sponsored by Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), a former Klansman who had held the floor for more than 14 hours in a filibuster against the 1964 civil rights bill that prohibited the use of federal funds to transport students beyond the school closest to their homes and that passed into law in 1976.

In an attempt to raise her own political profile, Harris’ recent efforts to call out Biden were no match when facing the reality that Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Biden and others were strong supporters of the former KKK leader Byrd and other systematic racist colleagues. Imagine if President Trump was adamantly supporting a KKK leader, imagine.

President Trump’s decades-old messy battle with the Central Park Five has opened racist wounds for anti-Trumpers. This angered me as a black man who fights for the rights of the wrongfully incarcerated, though it’s still tough for me to compare this to systematic racist agenda of literally locking up millions of people for nonviolent crimes. Ironically, the so-called Liar in Chief has full-feature movies about his accusations of racism, while Joe Biden’s institutionalized racist policies have been brushed to the side and were even disregarded by Barack Obama, the first half-black President of the United States of America. Where’s the movie that shows the years of lobbying and campaigning that it took for Joe Biden to help lock up millions of black men or the efforts he put into pushing policies that prolonged the racial integration of American public schools and communities. If you’re having trouble accepting these harsh realities, read my deep explanation of the “loving your oppressor syndrome,” it may bring some clarity.

It’s scary to accept the fact that Joe Biden has growing black voter support even while being a pioneer of the mass incarceration of black men. Imagine a black person reading this article, citing the references and still voting for Joe Biden. You may have seen many black influencers who remain on the “plantation” calling out African American Trump supporters. These people are very similar to the chiefs in Africa who sold their poor tribal residents to the British and American settlers. I guess I’ll keep allowing truth and policy to be my treatment for mental illness.

President Trump is called racist for calling NFL Players “S.O.B’s” for not standing for the national anthem. Joe Biden is voted Vice President and is highly favored by blacks in America despite emphatically stating “Lock those S.O.B’s Up,” during the passing of his mandatory minimum sentences of 1994 Crime Bill which incarcerated well over 3 million black men for nonviolent crimes. I guess it’s the tale of two S.O.B.’s. One worked to disproportionately lock black people up and the other has worked to reverse this same legislation in order to set us free.

Hopefully “facts” will supersede our determination of a “lie” or a “gaffe.”

Jack Brewer possesses a unique combination of expertise in the fields of global economic development, sports, and finance through his roles as a successful entrepreneur, executive producer, news contributor, and humanitarian. Currently serving as the CEO and Portfolio Manager of The Brewer Group, Inc. as well as the Founder and Executive Director of The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide), active Shriner and Ambassador and National Spokesperson for the National Association of Police Athletic/ Activities Leagues, Inc. Other key roles include regular contributor to CNBC, Fox Business, and The American City Business Journals, Ambassador for Peace and Sport for the International Federation for Peace and Sustainable Development at the United Nations, Senior Advisor to former H.E. President Joyce Banda of the Republic of Malawi, and three time National Football League (NFL) Team Captain for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants. To read more of his reports — Click Here Now.


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