My father taught me as a kid to stand up against any racist, specifically anyone who called me the “N” word. So growing up in Texas in the 80’s and 90’s, let’s just say I got into a few brawls in school.

After each altercation my Dad asked me one question, “Did you win?” From some of my earliest memories, the realities of racism and white supremacy were real in my world. Once I made it into eighth grade, the word “racism” took on a whole new meaning. I was a standout athlete, active student council member, and honor roll student.

None of that stopped me from being harassed and bullied by the “white supremacists” known as skinheads, whom I proceeded to battle with for the next few years. My friend Phillip eventually ended up shooting one of them in the neck, which lead to national media attention and heightened racial tensions across my town.

The Brewer’s have a rich history in my hometown of Grapevine, where my great grandfather was the first black man to migrate as a sharecropper in 1896. We have a small street that bears our name and my father’s long career working for the City of Grapevine Public works department as well as coaching countless kids has earned my family a lot of goodwill and demanded the respect of the white community around me growing up.

During the height of my racial issues, my father armed up and walked into the middle of a Ku Klux Klan rally in search of the group of white supremacists who had been harassing me. Just like a scene from a movie. My family went on to work with other families in my community, lobbying to change the school districts rules which had originally tolerated the systematic racism which allowed skinheads and white supremacists to wear swastikas and known skinhead attire while at school.

We stood up against systematic racism and focused our energy on changing policy, not words. The year was 1994, the same year the Democratic-led Clinton Administration was pushing the policies that led to the mass incarceration of millions of blacks in America.

Now 27 years later I am watching many in our nation normalize “white supremacy,” one of the most evil characterizations in the world. Ironically, the vast majority of those throwing out this narrative have never actually experienced white supremacy and most have turned a blind eye to policies and agendas that have defined the very term that they are normalizing.

Does Conservatism Equal Racism?

Most Americans unfortunately do not know their political history despite an abundance of access to instant information.

Democrats have been able to cover up their party’s bigoted history of fighting to keep American Blacks enslaved, to keep schools segregated, to push Jim Crow, as well as creating the policies that mass incarcerated more blacks than any country on the planet. How do you explain that the Democrats have hypnotized their supporters to truly believe that they are the symbols of racial equality in America? Let’s dive into some quick history.

In 1868, Republicans elected the first black person to represent our nation in Congress. 23 more black Republican legislators succeeded him. Yes, immediately following slavery all black U.S. congressmen and senators were Republicans.

There were no black Democrats in Congress until 1935 and for almost seven decades Republicans were the only party electing blacks to the U.S. Congress. Despite what you hear, Republicans pushed to allow blacks to have representation in our government, just as they fought to set the black slaves free, led by Abraham Lincoln and other noble Republicans.

Frederick Douglas, the legendary black abolitionist, was also a strong Republican, and was the first black man to ever receive a caucus vote for president in 1888.

As you can imagine, the conservative Frederick Douglas was very active advocating for policies that make a positive impact on blacks in America and he went on to become the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, the world’s first free Black nation.

Given its rich history of civil rights, it’s not surprising that the Republican-led Trump Administration is the party who finally overturned the Democratic-led federal law on mass incarceration of blacks.

We can’t leave out our nation’s two largest anti-AIDS initiatives starting with PETFAR with George Bush, who has saved over 18 million blacks in Africa, and now recently the Trump Administration’s initiative which targets the end of this disease that devastates America’s Black community by 2030.

By most estimates, over 75% of the global AIDS population is black and almost 45% of all Americans with AIDS are black. These were urgently needed to combat a major health crisis for the entire black population. Let’s not forget that George Bush was seen as a racist by many liberals, including myself. I was rudely awakened from my hypnosis following one of my eye opening missions to Africa.

When you study the policies, it’s easy to understand why the Democrats have worked so hard to deflect and normalize the meaning of white supremacy and racism away from their very own evil and racist history. To understand their strategy, just follow the money.

The New Democratic Strategy

As we go into another election cycle, the race card is being played more than anytime in my 40 years on earth. Whether it’s a “white supremacy” border debate or an anti-women of color narrative, the Democratic fundraising depends on it.

Highly intelligent liberals pound their hands on the table to stand up against our president’s racially insensitive rhetoric, while ignoring and oftentimes supporting actual systematic racist policies. The worst part is that our poorly run local governments are unanimously run by Democrats, who have all colluded to focus on illegal immigration and racism claims instead of addressing the inhumane conditions in the districts and towns that they represent. Weekend after weekend dozens of blacks are shot and killed in their communities without a memorial service or a single mention to bring federal resources in to stop the carnage of their constituents. But then again, poor blacks don’t donate and they don’t get the same attention as an immigrant kid separated from their parent who enters our country illegally.

It’s sickening actually. The Democratic strategy to focus on illegal immigration is the widely accepted new strategy for the party, which has recently attempted to move away from their mass incarceration and welfare dumping strategy of the 90’s and 2000’s.

Remember, dozens of Democrats didn’t even vote for the First Step Act which has already freed and reduced the sentences for over 4,000 black men. Now, Joe Biden, the author and chief advocate for Clinton’s 1994 Crime Bill, was not only a beloved Vice President, but he now has the approval of almost 50% of blacks. It’s jaw dropping, I know. The white man who mass incarcerated blacks is now the symbol of equality and the white man who passed the policy to free and lower the sentencing for blacks is the “white supremacist.” Only in America.

Think about it, the Obama Administration at the direction of Bill and Hillary Clinton took advantage of the poorest black nation in the Western Hemisphere, which is also the first ever independent black nation in the world. Despite their money-led racist and white supremacist agenda, no major Democrat has stood up against them or called for a thorough investigation of the $14 billion pledged to Haiti. I suggest you all watch “Clinton Cash.” I just returned from Haiti this week and the realities of the largest humanitarian robbery in American history continues to take a toll on this ailing black population.

Though Obama refused to aggressively prioritize the black population in his home town of Chicago, or really any black area in America, the new Democratic strategy issued him the ultimate pass on race. It’s unacceptable that Obama left office after 8 years without reforming Clinton’s ’94 Crime Bill, never bringing major national resources to ending the war-like violence in American inner cities, and then stood idly by as the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation was hijacked by Democratic-led greed. But at the end of the day, we must remember that Obama is just as white as he is black. And no Democrat has dared to call this out.

Loving Your Oppressor

The ability for Democrats to hypnotize their base to faithfully love their oppressor is a disturbing example of how a house slave respected and loved their slave master.

An example of a modern Democratic slave master is Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who has numerous pictures of himself and his grad school classmates dressed in Ku Klux Klan outfits as well as other photos of them dressed in blackface. I would refuse to be in his presence if I was a black Virginia law maker. But as you probably guessed, the Democratic free pass on racism was in full effect for Governor Northman, as he is still in office and wasn’t forced to resign. In his first interview following this outrageous event, the Governor went on to refer to slaves as “indentured servants” only to have his ignorance be corrected on national television. Can you imagine if this was a Republican leader?

When I met with President Trump a few weeks back, I pleaded with him to start addressing the crisis happening in our American Black inner cities. He listened.

After bringing my American Heroes Program to work with the beautiful children of Baltimore and several other U.S. inner cities, I was disgusted. I had watched the Congressman Elijah Cummings continue the new Democratic strategy of advocating for illegal immigrants’ rights while his district was on fire with gang wars and countless shootings to go along with the filth and poverty that is suffocating his people.

Of course, Elijah Cummings has been a strong voice in the racism and white supremacist normalization in America. Congressman Cummings has focused his efforts in congress around immigration, Russia collusion, and gun control when it affects white Americans. But this should be expected, as these are the core Democratic issues that bring in the most fundraising dollars. He called the President of the United States “racist” for his comments on Baltimore, despite video tapes and a history of him saying the exact same thing about his district in the past — all but ignoring all of the black lives lost and living in third-world conditions as well as the over $14 billion which has gone into the city over the past two years. As head of the House Committee for Oversight and Reform, he has refused to investigate the Democrats for the billions stolen from Haiti following the earthquake as well as the billions put into Baltimore with no sign of major development in the most underserved areas. Yet liberals around the country stand up for these types of leaders because of his civil rights work 30 years ago. Imagine having 20 people shot in your hometown in a weekend and not making a major national address or initiative to take on the root issues. Or at least demand your Congressional colleagues call the nation to pay respect to the victims? Well, Cummings was front and center when my town of Parkland, Florida, was rocked by a school shooting. Another example of the civil rights leader mourning for white kids, while remaining silent for the black lives in his community who’s fate can’t lead to fundraising.

This is the same mentality that has enslaved and oppressed blacks for hundreds of years.

In many African Nations, black leaders are called Chiefs, not Congressman. If you study African history like me, you may be aware that these same Chiefs are the very people who captured and brokered the slaves from 1450-1800’s and proceeded to sell them to the white men from the United States and Great Britain.

This reality was front and center in 1998 when Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, told an audience including then President Bill Clinton: “African chiefs were the ones waging war on each other and capturing their own people and selling them. If anyone should apologise it should be the African chiefs. We still have those traitors here even today.”

And I say American inner cities have a lot of these same realities as our brothers and sisters in Africa. Hopefully African Americans will wake up and call out the traitors amongst us in our most underserved communities. It’s no surprise the Democrats call our president a white supremacist despite him passing more legislation targeted at helping blacks than any U.S. President since Lyndon B. Johnson. They have embraced the love of the oppressor which has hypnotized their black base to maintain the long standing slave mentality manifested by the Africa Chiefs centuries ago.

Jack Brewer possesses a unique combination of expertise in the fields of global economic development, sports, and finance through his roles as a successful entrepreneur, executive producer, news contributor, and humanitarian. Currently serving as the CEO and Portfolio Manager of The Brewer Group, Inc. as well as the Founder and Executive Director of The Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF Worldwide), active Shriner and Ambassador and National Spokesperson for the National Association of Police Athletic/ Activities Leagues, Inc. Other key roles include regular contributor to CNBC, Fox Business, and The American City Business Journals, Ambassador for Peace and Sport for the International Federation for Peace and Sustainable Development at the United Nations, Senior Advisor to former H.E. President Joyce Banda of the Republic of Malawi, and three time National Football League (NFL) Team Captain for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants. To read more of his reports — Click Here Now.


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