Niece to late American man, George Floyd who was murdered by a police officer, Brooke Williams has teared into United States of America (US) President Donald Trump as she stole the show in an emotional eulogy.

This came as emotions ran high at the at slain black American’s funeral service as mourners broke into floods of tears as they approached the dad-of-five’s coffin at Houston.

In a video, Williams directed her anger at Trump and Derek Chauvin, the officer who was seen in a viral video kneeling on Floyd’s neck for about eight minutes suffocating him.

“He begged and pleaded just for you to get up. But you just pushed harder. Why must this system be corrupt and broken? These laws need to be changed. No more hate crimes please. Somebody said make America great again. But when has America ever been great?

“Those four officers were literally on him for nine minutes and none of them showed they have a heart or soul. This is not just a murder, but a hate crime,” a teary Williams said.

Floyd’s daughter Gianna made outstanding remarks prior to the service that warmed the hearts of many saying her dad changed the world.

Trump who had earlier called for the shooting of protestors who were demonstrating over the 46-year-old’s death was under fire again on Friday, June 5, when he suggested Floyd was sitting in heaven happy about a slight better US jobs report than expected.

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