An initiative by the Association of Malawians in Ireland (AMAI) has resulted in the securing of €2,500 (about K4,715,114) for the construction of a new house for a needy widow in Dowa whose current hut is almost uninhabitable.

The widow, Florence Tsekani, lives with her seven children and, aside from a decent house, theirs is a day-to-day grim struggle for survival.

AMAI executive chairperson, Henry Mkumbira Phiri, said it was exciting that members have been able to contribute towards the cause within about six days.

“We invited 25 people to contribute €100 each towards the Florence Tsekani house project in Dowa. They have been very willing to support and we have raised the funds within six days,” said Phiri.

He said the construction of the house will begin on July 1, 2024 and end on August 15 2024.

“The money we have raised will cater for a two bedroomed house, a separate kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom. We thought it wise to do the construction after the rainy season ends,” he said.

According to Mkumbira-Phiri, despite living in the diaspora, Malawians in Ireland remain connected to situations at home.

“Malawians in Ireland always remember where they are coming from and it is in our spirit to respond to all issues negatively or positively affecting our families back home,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Dowa district social welfare office which raised an SOS on Tsekani’s house predicament has expressed its vote of thanks to Malawians living in Ireland.

“It is touching how our friends in the diaspora have reacted to this situation. The construction of a new home for Tsekani and her seven children will go a long way in changing their lives,” said the social welfare officer.

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