Students and Volunteers Publish with the High Atlas Foundation

Work-study students, interns, and volunteers of the High Atlas Foundation have opportunities to analyze development as it is experienced in rural and urban communities, by farmers, women, youth, and people of all backgrounds.  We also give the students and volunteers the encouragement and support that they need in order to write their observations, improve upon their writing, and to share their work with the public.

This Newsletter is composed of the published articles by HAF’s work-study students, volunteers, and interns.  We hope that you find them informative and inspiring.  We also hope that you visit HAF and take this opportunity to assist people’s development, research and analyze their situations and how conditions at national and international levels impact people’s lives, and write about it for a global audience.  You can now do this and more and receive college credit through the University of Virginia.

These articles that are published in outlets around the world are important not only in regards to the professional growth of the young writers, but because they share the perspectives of the people about whom they are writing, and advocate positions and policies that advance sustainable growth in Morocco and beyond.

We hope to see you in Marrakech as a visiting (and writing) member of HAF’s team.

Yossef Ben-Meir, Ph.D.
High Atlas Foundation